Friday, 8 April 2016

2016 school fair

School fair

On the 4th of March we ran a school fair for the community to come along to. We did this to fun raise for our new sports shed. I thought the school fair was absolutely wonderful. Kahikatea team was in charge of the sweet treats. This included 150 toffee apples, toffee cups, fudge cups, candy floss, russian fudge, coconut ice and chocolate fudge. We had a lot of fun making these in the school kitchens. Our school fair included pony rides, rugby toss, pick the nose, petting zoo, sack race, gumboot toss, maze, shoot the hoop, cake stalls and much, much more. We had a lot of fun selling and buying things. The school fair was great and I recomend another school fair next year.

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