Friday, 6 May 2016

Washing machines

Washing machines

The annoying washing machine impatiently waits to be fed. It would moan and groan all day if it could but we don't let it. Impatiently it waits in the laundry room just waiting, waiting, waiting until zap! Someone feeds it. It would shout and cheer like it was cheering on a sports team.

"I'm still hungry!" grumbles the wailing washing machine. "Oh do be quiet you old machine." mentioned the kitten loudly. The washing machine rocks side to side because he is still waiting and he's still bored. All he ever says is I'm bored and hungry, I'm bored and hungry, I'm bored and hungry. The washing machine jumps around the room  as it bores out of it's mind.

Then mum walks in with big handfulls of washing. "Yay someone has come to feed me!" says the washing machine excitedly. It jumps around with happiness and excitment.  Now we definitely have a new problem with our washing machine.

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