Monday, 27 June 2016

My Inquiry Journey 2016 term 2

My Inquiry Journey

This term our focus was science and our theme was planet earth and beyond. I chose the question How does the Aurora Borealis form? This is what I found out.

1. What is the Aurora Borealis?
This is a phenomena seen in the sky. It looks like coloured lights dancing in the sky. It is commonly known as the Northern Lights.

2. Where does it happen?
It happens in a doughnut shape above the magnetic poles. The best place to see them is Greenland , Norway , Alaska , Canada and Sweden. Your best chance of seeing them is late Autumn or early Spring.

3. How does it form?
The sends out a solar wind with electrons(positive or negative). When the wind reaches earth the electrons follow the lines of magnetic force from the earths core. When the electrons hit oxygen and nitrogen atoms above the earths surface. They react and produce colour. If you have oxygen reacting you get red and green lights. If you have nitrogen reacting you get blue and purple lights.

4. Other facts you probably didn't know
You can't see them if there is city or street lights on. You also can't see them if it's too cloudy. All the magnetic and electrical forces react constantly creating shifts and flows that make it dance.

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