Wednesday, 22 June 2016

tough kid challenge

Tough Kid Challenge

On your marks, Get Set ,GO! Mr Mathews bangs the clappers and us 10 year olds sprint off to tackle the first challenge. I jump over the tyres and start to climb the hay bales. Rushing off I go to the balance beams. Speedily but carefully I go over the balance beams. Jumping over the little obstacles, I run towards the water slide. Slipping along, I make my way towards the best part the mud pit! I scramble through it and mud squelchs through my toes. Quickly I dodge around the poles in the ground and I cross the finish line. I've finished 8th place. When all the seniors are done  me, Aylee, Sophie, Katie, Ella.D flopped into the mud pit. Ms Vandy took a photo of us all flopping in at the same time. When I got up I was covered in mud. Pretty much from head to toe. I had so much fun doing the tough kid challenge and I recommend that we do it again next year. I loved doing the tough kid challenge and I was so disappointed that my brother and I missed out on doing the inter-school one because it sounded like so much fun.

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