Friday, 9 September 2016

Leonardo Da Vinci machines

Da Vinci machines

Is going to the museum a waste of time? Going to the museum was definitely not a waste of time.

We were learning at the same time we just didn't know it. One thing I learnt I learnt was that Leonardo Da Vinci had 5 jobs. Da Vinci built the first flying machine. Da Vinci invented the first scuba diving gear. Da Vinci invented a bicycle that can only go straight.

It was very interesting. I found it interesting playing with some of the machines that Da Vinci made such as the robot drummer. It was also interesting when the lady told us a story about Da Vinci and how he made a robot for a kings party. He also made a lion for when the French king came. I thought that the bicycle Da Vinci made was interesting because it is different to the ones in our days.

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