Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Borrowers-Film Essay!!

The Borrowers by Ella J
In 1997 Peter Heitt's 'The Borrowers' film was released. This film was first published as a book series which was written by Mary Norton. In this particular film Hewitt uses many shots such as Close Up, High Angle Shot and Birds Eye View. He uses these shots to make us feel like we are the borrowers. 

In the borrowers there is a close up of the lawyers(Mr Ocious P. Potter) face. He has a smirk on his face which tells us that he's up to no good. This is showing his true colours and that he is not really a person you would trust. This also shows that he is in charge.

They use a high angle shot when PeaGreen doesn't want to go borrowing. This is showing us that he is scared of being outside home. When Arietty looks down at PeaGreen the camera also looks down on him. We can see that PeaGreen is scared because he is tucked up in a small ball. 

Also they use Birds Eye View when PeaGreen and Arietty are about to fall out of the  moving van. They use Birds Eye View to make us feel scared. This also shows that they are panicked and stressed.Image result for the borrowers filmImage result for the borrowers 

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