Friday, 17 February 2017

The Lodge

The Lodge
I was excited. We were going to the lodge. I like going to the lodge. It is always heaps of fun. My favourite part was the confidence course and the Mangakara walk in the bush. I liked rock climbing. I got up quicker than the previous time I had been. For orienteering we had to find numbers and then figure out a code. Olivia, Sharnika and I figured it out. We did the beginners track. Whenever we had a break heaps of kids would line up to have turns on the trampoline. Most of them did back flips. We would sit on the grass around and watch them. The Mangakara walk was fun. I liked walking through the bush and looking at all the trees and nature. Some of the boys in my group jumped in the stream. Sharnika, Olivia and I were smart and didn't get wet. When we got back from our walk it was time for lunch. After lunch we did archery. I hit the target once but the rest of the time my arrows keeped on missing and sliding into the grass. After archery we were on flying fox. I zoomed along. Doug gave me a push so I went faster. On the way, Sharnika tripped up and hurt her ankle. We thought it was twisted but the next day we found out that she had bruised her whole ankle bone. They had to take her back up to the log cabin in a wheelbarrow. I had so much fun at the lodge. I hope we get to go again.

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  1. I am exited to see the rest of your blog posts Ella!