Friday, 31 March 2017

Financial Literacy(ASB Getwise Visit)

ASB Getwise Visit(Financial Literacy)

On Tuesday(28th) Calum came and talked to us about ASB Getwise. I really enjoyed the visit. He talked to us about Earn-Spend=Save. We played a game where we worked in groups and each of the two people had to come back with 0 or more dollars. Both teams won. My team came back with $200. We had to try and avoid all the traps he set. He talked to us about why some people get paid more than others do and how many years you have to train for to be a ... Doctor, Mechanic and McDonalds worker. For a doctor it takes 10 years of training, Mechanic 1 year and McDonalds worker 1 week. We talked about why a doctor gets paid more because their job is more stressful than other jobs. On average they get $205,000 a year.


  1. I love ASB vists it's really cool wow Ella I never knew those facts about how long it takes to be a DOctor a Mechanic and a McDonalds Worker Amazing Job :)

  2. Wow!Being a Mechanic or a Doctor must be hard work.

    1. Sure looks like it ecpically a Doctor!