Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ella's speech 2015

Have you ever wondered how books can change the world? Well I think they can.

Fiction books can teach what not to do,say,or believe in. Books can teach you about the world and yourself They can also make you wiser. Some books can provide information such as.....whatever.

Now let's stop talking about that and get onto the non fiction an fiction. Non fictions can teach you facts and they even say you're wrong sometimes. Fiction books are there for enjoyment not you have to read this! Books also serve as a compass or guide.

Did you know that books can be so good that they can be so good that they can stop you in your tracks that cut through to your soul. But the real question is can they change the world? When you are reading you are never alone. Reading can make you believe in some things that are not real such as fairies,giants and whatever else you can imagine. Reading is a lifeline to all else that is.

So just remember books can change the world.


Ella's MOTAT trip 2015

This is me at the Jiwi boards with Paige. I made an elevator. It worked 8 out of 10 times. I thought that me and Paige did a great job working together. Thank you Joseph for teaching us how to make Jiwi boards.