Thursday, 10 March 2016

Swimming Sports 2016

Senior Swimming sports

At swimming sports I raced in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, 2 length freestyle, open girls medley and the girls fastest relay. I was 3rd in the girls medley and I was 1st in all the other ones.

Purekireki Marae

Purekireki Marae

At the Marae, I learnt how to carve and weave. Weaving was  different to how I expected it to be. This is a photo of me doing the weaving with Pippi.  We made Putiputi. Putiputi means flower. We were asked to name our putiputi. I named mine Putiputi of harakeke. We also learnt how to carve. Carving was quite different to how I expected. You use a chisel and a mullet. It was hard work learning how to carve. We got a choice of what picture we wanted to carve. I chose a koru because I wanted a bit of a challenge. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

School tryathlon 2016

 Tryathlon 2016

School tryathlon 2016

 On your marks, get set, go!I  run as hard as I can. My heart beats like a drum never stopping.  Before I know it I'm at half way. Suddenly I feel like I need to stop but I don't. I've passed Dakota and I can see Charlotte ahead of me. Then I see where I started my run is all most  over but I still have a few meters to go. I speed over to where my bike is and start biking.  I zoom round and pass Charlotte. I'm in the lead. Just my swim to go. I run past and dive in to swim my 5 laps. Speedily I swim my 5 laps and jump out of the pool. I'm sprinting desperate to get there, I'm almost out of breath ,nearly there. I've made it Yay! I look down Mrs Cullen is writing my name down next to the number 1 which means that I've won the 10 year old girls tryathlon. I feel proud and happy and I feel great. Then I go to the edge of the finish at support the others as they come along the finish chute. I really liked the tryathlon and I can't wait to do it again next time.This is a picture of my brother when he finished his tryathlon with mum ,my aunty ,my uncle, my nana and me in the back round.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

About me

Hi. I'm Ella. I am 10 and I am a year 6.  I like to show jump, canter and do freestyle horse riding. I also like to swim, read and play netball. My favourite subjects at school are reading, art and science. I really like being in room 9 because my friends Emily, Georgia  and Jade are in there too. I was in room 9 last year and I am super excited for another fantastic year of learning. Ella.J