Monday, 27 June 2016

My Inquiry Journey 2016 term 2

My Inquiry Journey

This term our focus was science and our theme was planet earth and beyond. I chose the question How does the Aurora Borealis form? This is what I found out.

1. What is the Aurora Borealis?
This is a phenomena seen in the sky. It looks like coloured lights dancing in the sky. It is commonly known as the Northern Lights.

2. Where does it happen?
It happens in a doughnut shape above the magnetic poles. The best place to see them is Greenland , Norway , Alaska , Canada and Sweden. Your best chance of seeing them is late Autumn or early Spring.

3. How does it form?
The sends out a solar wind with electrons(positive or negative). When the wind reaches earth the electrons follow the lines of magnetic force from the earths core. When the electrons hit oxygen and nitrogen atoms above the earths surface. They react and produce colour. If you have oxygen reacting you get red and green lights. If you have nitrogen reacting you get blue and purple lights.

4. Other facts you probably didn't know
You can't see them if there is city or street lights on. You also can't see them if it's too cloudy. All the magnetic and electrical forces react constantly creating shifts and flows that make it dance.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My learning conference

My Learning Conference

At my learning conference I stood up and shared my mihi in front of my parents and teacher. I am very proud of what I have learnt and understood. I think that I am going to be achieving my goals by the end of the year. Here is the link to my goals (click on the title then click on the blue writing).

Masterchef Challenge


In Kahikatea team we did a masterchef challenge. This is what my group made. We made a salad. In our salad was ham , carrot , cheese , red pepper and nuts. In my group was Emily , Megan , Corbin , Josh.S , Thomas and me. We didn't win but we had lots of fun. I reccomend that Kahikatea team does it again next year.

tough kid challenge

Tough Kid Challenge

On your marks, Get Set ,GO! Mr Mathews bangs the clappers and us 10 year olds sprint off to tackle the first challenge. I jump over the tyres and start to climb the hay bales. Rushing off I go to the balance beams. Speedily but carefully I go over the balance beams. Jumping over the little obstacles, I run towards the water slide. Slipping along, I make my way towards the best part the mud pit! I scramble through it and mud squelchs through my toes. Quickly I dodge around the poles in the ground and I cross the finish line. I've finished 8th place. When all the seniors are done  me, Aylee, Sophie, Katie, Ella.D flopped into the mud pit. Ms Vandy took a photo of us all flopping in at the same time. When I got up I was covered in mud. Pretty much from head to toe. I had so much fun doing the tough kid challenge and I recommend that we do it again next year. I loved doing the tough kid challenge and I was so disappointed that my brother and I missed out on doing the inter-school one because it sounded like so much fun.

Ella.J's mihi 2016

My Mihi

Tehei Mauriora, This is my mihi. It tells you about me and my family. When I first learnt my mihi I was nervous and unsure and very quiet. I've had quite a lot of practise now and I know my full mihi off by heart. I'm quite confident about it now and I speak with a loud , clear voice. I hope you enjoy watching it if it works!