Friday, 1 July 2016

cyber safety 2015

Cyber saftey     
1In faboulus term 1 we were learning about being cyber safe.         

Enviro day 2016

Enviro day

On Wednesday the 29th of June, Pirongia school had an enviro day. Each class was buddied with another class. We were buddied with room 5.  We had 2 mini assemblys. The first one was before morning tea and we had a lady called Sally come and talk to us about water. She told us about how water is wasted and about the 4 minute shower timer. She was working with rooms 4 and 14. With room 5 we choose a buddy and played a few maths games with them. We wrote about what our buddy says about the past enviro days we've had. Archie sounded like he had been enjoying enviro day so far. After lunch we went to room 5 and we did some buddy reading with our reading buddies. We then shared some of our plays and I was so excited when my group got to share 'Animal Court' with the rest of room 9 and room 5. Then we buddied up with a different buddy and we drew a garden. My buddy Paige said that she wanted to draw a fruit and vege garden so that's what we did. I asked her what fruits and veges we should draw. "Potatoes, Strawberries, Carrots, Broccoli, lemons, mandarins and oranges." came her reply.