Friday, 9 September 2016

Leonardo Da Vinci machines

Da Vinci machines

Is going to the museum a waste of time? Going to the museum was definitely not a waste of time.

We were learning at the same time we just didn't know it. One thing I learnt I learnt was that Leonardo Da Vinci had 5 jobs. Da Vinci built the first flying machine. Da Vinci invented the first scuba diving gear. Da Vinci invented a bicycle that can only go straight.

It was very interesting. I found it interesting playing with some of the machines that Da Vinci made such as the robot drummer. It was also interesting when the lady told us a story about Da Vinci and how he made a robot for a kings party. He also made a lion for when the French king came. I thought that the bicycle Da Vinci made was interesting because it is different to the ones in our days.

My Learning Conference

Learning Conference

For our  learning conferences we made slide shows. My parents were quite happy with what I had put on my slide show.  I spoke clearly about my learning. I was proud to be sharing my learning with my parents. To be able to get to my Learning Conference click on the title then click the blue writing.

Pablo Picasso Slide

Pablo Picasso

In class we have been doing report writing. We chose an artist to write about. I chose Pablo Picasso. Here is my slide about him. Click on the title then click on the blue writing. I hope that you like it.