Thursday, 13 October 2016

Hydroslide story


The bus pulled in at DeBretts hot pools and we hopped out. I love to go on all the hydroslides here. Lot's of girls nervously raise their hand to ride the hydroslides. I rushed into the girls changing rooms. Hurridly  I change into my togs and walk straight into one of the green hot pools. They almost burn my skin but I realise it's just because I've been in the cold weather. 

Jade and I swim around. We doggy-paddle under the bridge. "Is this really hot for you?" I ask Jade. "Yes!" replied Jade. I looked at her wrist and there was nothing. I was about to ask her why she didn't get a hydroslide band but something was stopping me. So I didn't ask her.

Wwweee! I shoot down the blue hydroslide. I then queued up for the dragon slide. Some of the boys were doing trains of 5 or 6. They were kicked off for doing that. "Do you want to race Olivia?" I ask Olivia. The green light goes and we're off!