Friday, 31 March 2017

Financial Literacy(ASB Getwise Visit)

ASB Getwise Visit(Financial Literacy)

On Tuesday(28th) Calum came and talked to us about ASB Getwise. I really enjoyed the visit. He talked to us about Earn-Spend=Save. We played a game where we worked in groups and each of the two people had to come back with 0 or more dollars. Both teams won. My team came back with $200. We had to try and avoid all the traps he set. He talked to us about why some people get paid more than others do and how many years you have to train for to be a ... Doctor, Mechanic and McDonalds worker. For a doctor it takes 10 years of training, Mechanic 1 year and McDonalds worker 1 week. We talked about why a doctor gets paid more because their job is more stressful than other jobs. On average they get $205,000 a year.

Rainbows End

Rainbow’s End

As I entered the grounds
a wave of scaredness washed over me. Even though Rainbows End was something I’d wanted to do I was scared. First ride the Pirate Ship. I had been wanting to do it the most out of everything. The next ride was the Fear Fall. I didn’t do it. I was scared. Maybe later. Eventually it’s time for the roller coaster....

As I got into the cart my heart pounded hard inside my chest. My body shakes as I pull the harness down over top of me. There’s no escape now. Slowly it moves upward. I clutch my harness tight.WHOOSH! we speedily race down the other side. I’m scared. I shut my eyes and hold tight as we go around the loop-de-loop.  Relief rushed over me like a river over stone.  Phew! The scariest part is over. As we turn round the corner we go upside-down. I was scared. Again my heart pounded. I hope I don’t fall out. We turned around a few more corners and go upside-down  a few more times we eventually pull to a stop.

Afterwards we went back and did everyone’s favourite ride again. My favourite part was the Pirate Ship. We then went to the Fair Fall because that was Uncle Beej’s favourite. This time I queued up to do it. There was no-one in line so we went straight on. Nervously I pull my harness over me. My feet dangle. I’m shivering. Up 18 storeys Uncle Beej and I go. Once we get to the top I’m petrified. My heart was in my mouth. I look down. Feet dangling, Shaking, Petrified, Scared. 3...2...1 DROP! Speedily we drop. I close my eyes remembering how scared I was beforehand. Phew! It’s over.

Afterwards we go to the log flume. We travel through fields of pixies and fairies until we turn around a corner and a big drop is all that lies ahead. I try not to look down. My body tenses. Scardness floods through me but I win it over. My heart feels like it’s going to burst out of my chest because it’s beating so hard so fast. I don’t want to do this. I want to get out right now. I’m very scared but not as scared as before. I open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out. Suddenly...everything goes quiet. Splash! By Ella

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