Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Why do dolphins jump so high?

Why do dolphins jump so high?
Flying through the air. Wow! I wonder ‘Why do dolphins jump so high?’. It provides entertainment for them and keeps their senses sharp.

To be able to jump they need to swim deep fast  then swim up really fast. The higher they want to go  the deeper down they have to go and the faster they need to swim. Dolphins use the muscles in their tails to be able to power to jump.

Dolphins jump out of the water to get a better view of the water. They also jump to conserve their energy because jumping is easier than swimming. They also do this to hunt for food. Dolphins jump to play and have fun. They also do this to have communication with others.

Some dolphins have jumped 25 feet! Juvenile spotted dolphins have been sighted jumping 15 feet. An average dolphin jumps about 5 meters. Dolphins use the muscles in their tails to be able to power to jump.

The dolphin high jump record is 20 meters! The most important reason dolphins jump is to look out for danger and avoid it.        

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My enjoyed moments

2016 enjoyable moments - Google Slides

These are some moments that I am proud of.

Integrity games

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 Integrity games
This term Kawaka and Kahikatea teams split in groups and made up games to teach Rata and Tawa teams. I worked with Julia, Olivia and Asarina. We had to come up with games that included integrity. Our game was called 'AROUND THE WORLD' and our other game was'VOLLEYBALL WITH A TWIST' .

The younger kids came around in groups of 5 or 6 . They took turns.throwing, catching, batting. They had a bit of trouble hitting the ball over the net in the volleyball. The best group was group F by far. What I liked about them was their on going sportsmanship and their never give up attitude. They also listened to our instructions and showed good INTEGRITY. I think that this was a really good opportunity for the kids to show integrity.