Thursday, 11 May 2017

Plastic Fantastic?

Plastic Fantastic?

    Have you ever wondered how are plastic bottles recycled?

Did you know every year 56 billion plastic bottles are generated in factories which are using RIDICULOUS amounts of fossil fuels, electricity and crude oil. About 20% of this is recycled and the rest are in the ocean or somehow ending up in landfills or other places they shouldn’t.

Once plastic bottles are recycled they are transported to factories in 700-1000 pound trucks. The bottles are put into bales. The bales get prepared so the bottles can be used by fork lifts. The bottles are put under an ultraviolet light which detects the contaminated ones. These bottles are taken from the process.

   Once contaminated the are put into a rotary drum which grinds them. Knives slice the bottles into  ¼-⅜ inches that a special device will monitor.

Newly shredded chips are delivered to a machine which separates the paper from the chips. The airflow separates the plastic chips and the light paper label chips.

They then go into a water bath. Soap is added to the water which is 170 degrees! After their water bath they go to a de-watering and rinse station. This station washes off the soap. They then are dried by a heated dryer.

Then they are made into carpet, clothes and more plastic bottles.  Did you know that  2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away every hour. During this process they use RIDICULOUS amounts of electricity and HUGE amounts of fossil fuel which pollutes our air.  Plastic bottles take hundreds of years to disintegrate. So is plastic really fantastic?
By Ella   

Friday, 5 May 2017

science fair 2017

Science fair

My science fair question is How fast does ice melt with different things added to it? I want to find this out how to make ice last longer. I have a Waikato science fair booklet. I have started recording in my science log book. I have been learning about the hypothesis and have been making estimations. I did some background research and then made another guess. I have listed some ideas I am going to try including...
-saw dust

 Here are my guesses from before my research

Saw dust 

Here are my guesses from after my research
Not at all