Friday, 7 July 2017

Term 2 proud moments 2017

Term 2 Proud moments 2017

This term I am proud of...

-Making the Ngahinapouri 7's netball team.
-Getting Merit on my science fair.
-All my writing this term.
-My Matariki art.
-Being house captain.
-Getting my role in Annie NZ musical.
-Sports camp.

This term I am proud of making the Ngahinapouri 7's winter champs netball team because I didn't think that I would make it because I normally play Goal Keep not Goal Shoot.

This term I am proud of getting a merit on my science fair because I was finding it challenging and at times just wanted to give up and quit.

This term I am proud of all my writing this term because I have done lot's and they are all good pieces. I really enjoy writing reports and have written about 2/3 extra pieces. 

-I am proud of my Matariki art because they look really cool.

-I am proud of being house captain because I never thought that my speech was going to get me this role.

-I am proud of getting my role in Annie as the foster care person. I am really happy with the role that I got.

-I am proud of my results at sports camp because I didn't think we were going to win the sportsmanship cup.

-I am proud of my performance at gymsports. I didn't think that we would be first.

Science fair

Science Fair 2017

8 weeks might seem like a long time for science fair but it's not. I found that coming up with the question was the hardest part. Eventually I did come up with a question "How long does ice take to melt with different things added to it?".

I learnt that adding sugar to ice makes it melt the fastest and adding sawdust makes it melt the slowest.