Friday, 22 September 2017

Making bags

Making bags with Matua X

We learnt about the life of a plastic bag. First it is used in shops. After it is used it then escapes and sometimes gets stuck in trees or bushes. Eventually, it falls into rivers, streams or drains which leads it into the ocean. The plastic bag travels across oceans until it reaches it destination. The great pacific ocean garbage patch. Where turtles and other sea life are mistaking it for jelly fish, eating it and thinking they are full when they're really not. So they die of starvation. We put together a story to show the life of a plastic bag.

We made bags out of old t-shirts. The only skills you need to have is how to use scissors properly and how to tie your shoelaces.  First you cut off the sleeves but leave the steams/stitching on. Cut little strips along the bottom and tie them together.

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